Episode 3

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Episode 3




Never mind stop the press, this week we stopped the traffic! Our panto press launch took place on Wednesday, giving us a chance to meet the cast of the show and for reporters and bloggers to be able to ask questions and have a meet-and-greet. There are some great photos from it, using the inside and outside of the building. Widow Twanky got a little bit carried away and decided to flag down a passing bus. Perhaps she needed a lift back to her laundry. I think it is safe to say that we in for a treat with this show and the wonderful and talented cast are excited to be performing on our stage.

Speaking of the stage, you may think that being a theatre manger is either all office work or all glitz and glamour. I can assure you that escorting a stage manager around the building from basement to rafters provides little or no glamour! I’m sure some of the cobwebs are from 1937 when the Odeon opened were encountered. But he wasn’t here to see the decor; Ian came down to take measurements for the set which will fill our stage and provide a spectacle for audiences. I have also been promised a ride on the magic carpet – and it really is magical. Don’t believe me? Buy a ticket and find out!

Away from the panto we have been able to add further shows to our programme. Milkshake Live will be coming along next May, on the 26th. What better way to start the May half term than with Fireman Sam!

Also, I am very pleased to say that Sean Lock will be here on Saturday 18th November. He is bringing his stand-up show to The Broadway for one night only, and tickets are already selling fast. There will be other big name comedy stars coming to the theatre in the new year, so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and pin this website to be kept up-to-date.

Aside from putting shows on sale, I have had some very exciting meetings this week. Firstly, they were a great opportunity to sit in Walter’s Bar & Eatery and enjoy an Earl Grey, but the outcome of them meant very exciting things for the theatre’s future. The first was with a West End producer who is looking to tour a production that was in London this year and bring it here. There was also the option to work together on bringing some other tours to the venue, so there’s lots of exciting things in the pipeline.

This morning (Friday), I met with the lovely Ruth from Metal, an arts and culture organisation here in Peterborough. They undertake some terrific work in the city, and we are exploring ways to add to what is already here and provide opportunities for creative people and audiences alike. We discussed art, poetry, music, theatre, performance art and more. I would like to see a healthy mixture of genres here at The Broadway, so if there are any budding poets, performers or playwrights out there, do get in touch.

As I mentioned playwrights, I have two coming to see me next week. They are looking to develop their own work and that of others, and is an exciting opportunity for The Broadway to not only host wonderful productions, but also to be part of their creative processes. Being part of creating something new and helping to evolve pieces of theatre is somewhat of a theme for next week. I also have someone coming in for a meeting (that’s a lot of tea next week!) to discuss their embryonic production company and how we can work together.

If there are any other creative people in Peterborough who would like to pop in for a chat (and a tea!), do get in touch and we can see how we can all work together for the benefit of the city. We have always said we want to be a community resource, and we really do mean it.

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