Episode 13

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Episode 13


Aladdin, a Speakeasy and an Awards Ceremony

Christmas is upon us, dear readers, and the presents are wrapped, cards are written and everyone has trundled off to see their favourite pantomime. Wait! What? You haven’t done all that? Well, never fear, I can help with you two out of three of those things (Meatloaf told me that ain’t bad). If you are stuck for a present to give someone, we sell theatre tokens here at The Broadway. These little wonders can be redeemed for any show here or at over 240 other theatres in the UK. So if you can’t decide what to get someone, make them choose!

Secondly, if you haven’t been to see your favourite pantomime yet, what are you doing keeping Widow Twanky waiting? She will be most sad. No, sadder than that! We have performances up to 31st Decemberso hurry down to Peking Town.

With 2018 just round the corner, if you looking for a way to celebrate the New Year and all it can bring, have a look at our New Year’s Eve  Speakeasy Party. We have ‘funny money’ casino tables, a live jazz band, a magician and dinner included in the ticket price. Step back to the 1920s and let luck be a lady tonight!

The night before, Saturday 30 December, we have the magic of the Cult TV Awards. The 24th annual celebration of ‘extraordinary fictional television’ for the first time pitches up in Peterborough, despite the organisation behind it being based here. Dinner is served at 6.30pm, the Awards themselves at 8.00pm, followed by a Theme Party. Everyone’s invited, so get your tickets now.

With 2017 almost over perhaps I should give you a little idea of some more of the things we have coming up. This week I have put on sale Tassels, a burlesque show and Dad’s Army Radio Hour, an homage to the classic sitcom with two actors and 25 characters. If I was writing this in another two hours, I would be able to tell you about a big West End musical that is coming to The Broadway in April 2018. All I will say is, save the date of the week commencing 23rd April and await further news.

Talking of news, Marc Almond has been confirmed as the guest act for Jools Holland and his Rhythm and Blues Orchestra that will be here on 20th May.

There will be plenty coming up in 2018 with something for everyone so we hope to see many of you through the doors at some point. Have a wonderful Christmas!

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