Episode 16

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Episode 16


We are definitely going to the ball!

I have returned from my leave and the sunny but bracing shores of the English Riviera. No rest for the wicked though as it is straight back in the swing of things here at The Broadway.

So far it has been meetings galore as we use January to plan for the coming year and beyond. I have had press, poets, dancers and directors through the door for a chat about hiring the spaces, working with us and moving things forward. Hurrah!

I am writing this just before heading off to another meeting, this time to talk panto 2018 – Oh yes I am! (will it ever end?).  Cinderella will be arriving in her stylish coach at The Broadway this coming Christmas and you are all invited to the ball! Tickets will be going on sale soon (it’s never too early!) so do keep an eye out on Facebook and our website. 

As well as meetings I have been off to London this week for two musicals (hard life I know) and I will be off again next week for a networking session. One of the shows this week, Bananaman the musical (trust me when I say it was brilliant – quirky, but brilliant) is looking to put together a tour in the future and I would like to see the comic book capering of everyone’s fruity superhero land at The Broadway.

Talking of musicals, there is some plotting afoot and some exciting news on the way. I have three shows I am hoping to announce shortly but, once again, my lips are sealed for now. These three will be coming in 2018 and, I have just remembered, that there is the offer of two musicals for 2019 to come in.

It is all exciting times and the more musicals and theatre that come to The Broadway, the less time I will spend on trains bouncing back and forth to London!

Until next time…

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