Episode 22

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Episode 22


By Harrison Fuller…

Buddy Holly and The Tempest…

Just in case you weren’t already aware, we have had a little bit of snow this week. As I look out of the office window here at Broadway Towers, the pavements are covered in snow and the roads awash with a grey slush.

Also, just for information, today is the second day of spring. Who would have known! Due to the extreme weather, sadly, Elkie Brooks has had to postpone her appearance on our stage this evening. She will be here on the 6th April instead. Anyone who has bought tickets, your tickets will be valid for the new date. Anyone who hasn’t bought tickets – visit our website!

Other than frolicking in the snow, I have put two new shows up on sale. The first one being The Tempest. Shakespeare’s tale of a magical island filled with mysterious beings will be here in May (10th and 11th to be precise). Fasten your lifejackets for the shipwreck!

Also on sale is Buddy Holly: A Legend Reborn coming in August – Oh boy! You don’t need to ‘think it over.’ So whether you are a ‘brown eyed handsome man’ or ‘Peggy Sue,’ Rave on’ over to The Broadway and book your tickets. ‘It’s so easy!’ (See what I did there?)

For those of you who enjoy singers and enjoy planning ahead, we have a fabulous show coming in November for which tickets will go on sale on 20th March at 10.00am! Put a date in your diary to find out who is coming to The Broadway.

Many of you will have seen a shiny wrap go out in the Peterborough Telegraph this week. We have some copies here in the Box Office and they have all of our events in, the full listings so you can plan you time wisely and come to all the shows! This will be going out monthly as we are always adding in new shows and events.

Next week our apprenticeship jobs will go live. If anyone would like any further information about the vacancies and want to spend your working week drinking tea and talking about theatre, then do drop me an email and I will send you some details: Harrison@broadwaypeterborough.co.uk

For now, wrap up warm next to the fire with a warming glass of port and enjoy the weekend!

Until next time…

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