Episode 27

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Episode 27

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By Harrison Fuller…

Dear readers. I apologise that there has been a two week gap in my diary. I must humble beg your forgiveness but I am here today to explain my silence.

The last two weeks have flown by and it seems only yesterday that the Dinosaurs were here, followed by a three day weekend with the bank holiday. But since then, every day at Broadway Towers have proved the old adage correct: no two days are the same!

In the previous week, we had Elkie Brooks perform on our stage. Elkie had been due here at the end of March but some of you may remember we had a little bit of snow which left her and her band stranded in all four corners of the country. The weather has been good to us (in so much as being milder thought just as wet), allowing the show to go on!

That week I was also invited along to London to see the run through of an exciting musical in development called Tomorrow Maybe. The piece is an immersive song cycle set in a coffee shop, examining the lives and stories of all the people we pass by ever day or every week without knowing much about them. The show is brilliantly written and it was great to chat to the cast, producer and creators after the show (by chat I mean drink wine in the sunshine drenched courtyard of the theatre). I wish the show every success in its future development and there is always a spot open for an interesting and exciting show here at The Broadway Theatre.

This week however, I have acquiring new skills left right and centre. On Tuesday we had an Easter pantomime here for two performances. Dorothy stopped off from Kansas on her way to Oz and played The Broadway. While the show was happening, we had a technical fault with the phone system (some of you may have seen the Facebook message). My plan to watch the show and sample and ice cream (purly in the interest of quality control) went out the window. I made several phone calls, chatted to a few engineers and finally got one to the office at half five. 40 minutes later, the chap solved the issue, banished the gremlins and I am now well versed in the intimate details of the phone system. So if you have problems with your 7960 series… call someone else!

Zargees, chain hoists and skips have also become my friends this week, along with technical drawings, flying (!) and hours spent talking about steel girders. Life isn’t all about schmoosing.

We have also spent three days interviewing applicants for our apprenticeship vacancies. Thank you to all those who have applied, it has been great to meet with you all and we are very excited about growing our team and continuing to develop as an organisation.

Last night we also played host to two different and diverse events. The first was a new virtual reality and gaming night called Flux. Utilising Walter’s Bar, the organisers brought in lights, music, a green screen and all manner of gizmos and gadgets. As a start up event, it was very well attended and received and we hope to be able to offer more such events in the future. The second, in the The Broadway Suite, was Hello La Voix. Star of Britain’s Got Talent and the Ab Fab movie, La Voix delighted audiences with her quick wit, sharp comic timing, superb impressions and outstanding singing skills.
So, from the glitz and glamour of last night’s show, to filling a skip this morning. I promise, I shall not leave it so long next time!

Oh, just one more thing, there is an exciting announcement about our pantomime, Cinderella coming soon. Be sure to keep an eye out on the website and Facebook page…

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