The Search for Cinders

The grandest pantomime of them all is looking for its star. Shall you go to the ball?

 See below for full details...

The Broadway Theatre, in the heart of Peterborough, is teaming up with Kindred Drama to produce this year’s spectacular family pantomime, Cinderella. Audiences can expect a traditional family pantomime, filled with gorgeous costumes, spectacular scenery and accompanied by a live band. The show will be written by Peterborough pantomime veteran, Michael Cross.

As part of The Broadway Theatre’s aim to create a home grown Peterborough pantomime, we are launching a nationwide The Search for Cinders. We are throwing open the doors of the theatre to host an open audition to play Cinderella. We will be searching far and wide for the belle of the ball. No previous stage experience is necessary, you just need to register by filling in the application form and be able to commit to the dates listed as part of the terms and conditions.

Please include your name, age, contact number, email, headshot and relevant previous experience.

Please send your application to:
The Search for Cinders
The Broadway Theatre
46 Broadway

Or email:

Terms and Conditions of The Search for Cinders

  1. The Search for Cinders is an open casting call, available to professional and amateur performers.
  2. To enter, please provide a completed application form and headshot by the closing date: Friday June 1st, 2018
  3. The audition panel will be impartial and fair in the casting process and their decision is final.
  4. If you are selected to play Cinderella in The Broadway Theatre’s pantomime, you must agree to attend all the show dates, rehearsals and press calls as set out.
  5.  18+ only


Firework Fiesta (Date TBC)

Christmas Light Switch (Date TBC)

Photo call at The Broadway (Date TBC)

a. Monday 3rd – Monday 10th December, 2018 - REHEARSALS

b. Wednesday 12th December, 2018 – GET IN

c. Thursday 13th December, 2018 – GET IN

d. Friday 14th December, 2018 – TECH

e. Saturday 15th December, 2018 – TECH/DRESS

f. Sunday 16th December, 2018 – DRESS


g. Monday 17th December, 2018 – 10.15am

h. Monday 17th December, 2018 – 1.30pm

i. Tuesday 18th December, 2018 – 10.15am

j. Tuesday 18th December, 2018 – 1.30pm

k. Wednesday 2019th December, 2018 – 2pm

l. Wednesday 19th December, 2018 – 7pm

m. Friday 21st December, 2018 – 2pm

n. Friday 21st December, 2018 – 6pm

o. Saturday 22nd December, 2018 – 2pm

p. Saturday 22nd December, 2018 – 6pm

q. Sunday 23rd December, 2018 – 2pm

r. Sunday 23rd December, 2018 – 6pm

s. Monday 24th December, 2018 – 11am

t. Monday 24th December, 2018 – 3pm

u. Wednesday 26th December, 2018 – 3pm

v. Thursday 27th December, 2018 – 2pm

w. Thursday 27th December, 2018 – 6pm

x. Friday 28th December, 2018 – 2pm

y. Friday 28th December, 2018 – 6pm

z. Saturday 29th December, 2018 – 2pm

aa. Saturday 29th December, 2018 – 6pm

bb. Sunday 30th December, 2018 – 2pm